Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bienvenidos a "Off Topic"

World famous, critically acclaimed and award winning basketball oriented blog Drive and Dish presents "Drive and Dish Off Topic," a spin off of the popular basketball blog. "Drive and Dish Off Topic" was created by Drive and Dish's editors for the purpose of acomodating Drive and Dish readers' increasing demand for non basketball oriented content.

Over the course of summer 2008, Drive and Dish began to allow its writers to dabble in writing about non-basketball related subjects (because basketball wasn't in season and because our traffic dropped off substantially after the Final Four concluded). Recently, however, reader demand for new content related to non-basketball topics has increased substantially. But with basketball season about to tip off, Drive and Dish will be busy dishing out basketball commentary. So we created "Off Topic" to be the new home for most of our non-basketball commentary.

Welcome to Drive and Dish's "Off Topic."

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